Naik Naik (Ascent)

Naik Naik, conceived and directed by Cheryl Stock, is a multi-site promenade performance in which the audience joins the artists in physically exploring the notion of ‘ascent’ through their upward journey from Fort A Famosa at the base of the hill to St Paul’s church at the summit. Beginning at dusk with vignette performances along the ascending path, the journey finishes on entering the church ruins at nightfall. An evocation of place through performative contemplations, this processional experience lingers on the traces of history that remain hidden or partially and silently exposed, interwoven with personal and cultural stories related to the sites, in a celebration of the present.

Naik Naik brings together ten established and emerging professional artists whose disciplines range across dance, music, visual arts and media production.  Excitingly, this will be the first performance at MAPFest arising from a pre-festival collaborative residency with development time in Malaysia for all artists to work on a new production from its inception.
The collaboration has been based on ideas arising from site research as well as myths and local stories from long-term Melaka residents who contributed their knowledge and memories of the chosen sites.  

Naik Naik is being created by its artists in an acknowledgement of Melaka’s unique multicultural heritage and contemporary identity.

Collaborating artists:
Tony Yap: key performer/choreographer, Director Melaka Art and Performance Festival
Sharon Jewell: visual/installation artist
Ng Chor Guan: composer/musician
WeiZen Ho: performer/script/voice
Brendan O'Connor: performer/choreographer
Azura Abal Abas: performer/choreographer
Rithaudin Abdul Kadir:performer/choreographer
Tim Crafti: performer/choreographer
Nadia Nadesan: project coordinator
Suen Kar Nee: production/technical manager, Melaka Art and Performance Festival