here / there / then / now

In 2002 director and producer Cheryl Stock, in collaboration with the artists, created four performance installations to inhabit the Brisbane Powerhouse. Not its massive and imposing structures but its more intimate, hidden spaces. Bringing together independent artists in dance, music, visualisation and video, with lighting by Jason Organ, the promenade work evoked three discrete sites, here, there, and then to come together in a performance dialogue, now in the fourth site of the Visy theatre.

stairs to nowhere here
deep crevices with no purpose there
pillars in dialogue with floating objects then
the inviting void of the black box now

Brian Lucas in collaboration with sound artist Brett Collery and visual artist Ian Hutson.
Leanne Ringelstein in collaboration with Cheryl Stock and singer/performer Nok Thumrongsat
Vanessa Mafé in collaboration with visual artist Jondi Keane, dancer Ko-Pei Lin and composer Stephen Stanfield
Cheryl Stock in collaboration with sound artist Stephen Stanfield, visualisation Ian Hutson, choreographer/performers Brian Lucas, Leanne Ringelstein, Nok Thumrongsat and Ko-Pei Lin

Girl eats orange, transforming still life. A story is re-told, transforming the past. Finally, a step forward, into the unknown, into future stories... relationships... begin to initiate meanings for the spectator, allowing us to become active listener, not just voyeur.

Indija Mahjoeddin, 2002, RealTime

...truly beautiful and immersive experience... Each performance draws the audience physically lower into the building, reflecting the deepening immersion experienced by the audience. This concept of depth resonates throughout the work and the space itself is integral in the growth of thematic meaning.

Rosie Klich, unpublished review, July 2002