Fuenteovejuna by Lope de Vega (translated by Adrian Mitchell), directors Aubrey Mellor and Cheryl Stock, music Donald Hall, design Mary Moore, lighting David Walters. Queensland Theatre Company production, commissioned by Richard Wherrett for the 1992 Melbourne International Festival.

..in every scene of the large-cast Fuenteovejuna, it seemed as though each individual had been not only precisely placed, but meticulously choreographed. The influence of co-director Cheryl Stock can be discerned in this productions’ physical fluidity, as well as in the episodes of song and dance. Director’s Aubrey Mellor’s and Cheryl Stock’s emphasis on group dynamics rather than individual histrionics has forestalled the play’s potential for melodrama and clearly illuminated its themes of power, sex and love and the nobility of the human spirit.

Helen Thompson, The Australian, 21 November 1992.